Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 things you should do for yourself

I haven’t lived a conventional life. I didn’t even want that. I don’t believe in borders or limits of any kind. We mean so much and our presence here and now it is not a happening. The human experience we live as a consciousness has its role. Nothing started with us being born and nothing will end with our death. But here are some things that might help you more than you think. And I wrote them for you.

In a world in which it seems there is more pain than ever, in which young people or less younger don’t find their way, or countries from Africa and Asia at the beginning of the third millennium still fight with hunger and the lack of water, some things might help you continue your journey otherwise than before and you will be able to bring a change in the world by changing your life.

1.Hear your inner voice

We are not paying attention. Life speaks to us. The universe speaks to us, God speaks to us and we are not paying attention. We ignore that inner voice, that sparkle of our soul which tries every time to show us the steps we have to do. How one can hear his inner voice? Simple. Ask yourself questions. Ask yourself questions reguarding everything that is going on and wait to see what’s next, what reactions or images come to your mind, what thoughts or feelings. Trust. You will never be let down. God speaks to us through our inner voice. He who does not know himself does not know God, either. And he who does not know God does not know the truth and the nature of things in general said Saint Nectarios of Aegina, the wonderworker.

2.Spend time in nature

To spend time in nature, near a forest or a field full with flowers, on the sea shore or at the top of a mountain, will only help you to come back to yourself, essential step for your spiritual growth. The saints of the wilderness, the Tibetan monks or the prophet Muhammad didn’t do less. The energies of the universe will resonate with you.


Too many people underestimate the power of prayer, this cosmic process through which you are in direct link with the absolute. How to pray? Here are some words of Metropolitan Antonie of Suroj about prayer:

It is necessary to silence our lips, our body, detaching and staying calm, relaxing ourselves, not falling asleep or in negligeance; it is necessary to be – according to one of the russian saints formula – like the chord of a violin, keyed, so it can play the right tone. A chord not too much stretched, ready top break, not too relaxed so it can’t vibrate. Starting from here, it is imperative to learn to listen to the silence, maintaining ourselves in an absolute peace: than, we might discover, maybe faster than we think, how true the final words of the Apocalypse are: I stand at the door and knock.

4. Love

The most powerful force in the universe is love. Love that acts like a miracle in every aspect of our lives. We spend the same amount of energy in criticizing, hating, being envious or jelous or not forgiving. When we could simply love. And our to be would touch the holiness because in love is the only place where we are shaking hands with God.

You must recognize that your real enemy, the thief who steals your happiness, is the inner thief, the one inside your mind, the one you have cherished since beginningless time. Therefore, make the strong determination to throw him out and to never let him back in.

Lama Yeshe

A prayer said when the night lightens up the sky with the stars, might give you a start. Believe and trust that you are not alone and that everything that you are living is for your own good.

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